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Clearview is a configurable CANopen colour display 
403,06 €
SPEEDOMAX battery monitoring box
334,80 €
EX-RAY VOLT(tm) Digital Speedometer System
239,10 €
CA-SA - Stand Alone Cycle Analyst, V2.3 CA-DPS with a separate molded shunt
208,77 €
CA-HC - High Current Cycle Analyst, new V2.3 device
207,36 €
The SEVCON PowerGauge is a comprehensive range of Battery Discharge Indicators for 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V and 80V system
31,62 €
50mV 50A direct current indicator for panel without shunt
16,20 €
Programmable state of charge battery indicator, with batterie voltage indicator. For electric vehicle. Programmable  from +7V to +100V
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