Study and advice in mechanical and electrical engineering


Created in 2012, the company EVEA Solutions markets electrical equipment intended for the design of vehicles and industrial machines. Since 2018, we have been expanding our expertise and offering our clients numerous services around electrical, electronic and mechanical integration through a mechanical and electronic engineering consultancy at your service.

Together, we look for the solution best suited to your needs, your constraints and your budget.

The EVEA company attaches great importance to customer relations, the quality of advice and support in carrying out your electric vehicle or industrial machine projects.


Quality and reliability: EVEA Solutions is committed to providing high-quality products and technical solutions, sourced from the industry or developed within the company to ensure sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Innovation: We remain on the lookout for the latest technological advances to provide innovative solutions and products to our customers.

Collaboration: We believe in close collaboration with our customers to understand their needs and respond to them with the appropriate means, products and thoughts.

A question ? A project ? Do not hesitate to contact us to take stock of your specific needs and your project.