Service - Mechanic engineering

EVEA Solutions offers you, through its mechanical engineering service, various services to meet the complex challenges of mechanical integration within electric vehicles.


Project study: A well-defined need generates a successful project. Our objective is to identify together the different strategic issues of the need, the final product ‘environment, the constraints of planning, weight, bulk, the estimation of costs and deadlines, and the coordination between the different stakeholders ( internal or external).


Mechanical design: We support you in the design of systems, products or mechanical components using CAD software to create 3D models, plans and technical drawings, but also in the choice of materials according to design, performance and of cost.


Stress and Strain Analysis: The torque provided by electric motors requires an assessment of the strength, durability and safety of mechanical components. An aspect too often ignored.

As part of the design of electric powertrains, we can carry out analyzes of stress, fatigue, material resistance, structural dynamics and mechanical constraints imposed by electric motors and transmission elements. Well-thought-out mechanical design is crucial to ensure system safety, reliability and performance.


Manufacturing of prototypes: Thanks to our partners in France and Europe, EVEA Solutions offers its customers a wide choice of techniques for manufacturing prototypes (machining, laser/water jet cutting, sheet metal bending, injection, foundry, printing 3D)


Prototyping and testing: EVEA Solutions has an integration service (link) in which product prototypes are assembled and tested. The idea is to support you in the assembly of prototypes and/or series heads of the product but also to carry out validation, performance and durability tests.


Maintenance and repair: Contrary to popular belief, electric-powered systems and vehicles require periodic mechanical maintenance to ensure that mechanical components, such as bearings, seals, belts and gears, are functioning properly. Regular inspection is essential to ensure the durability of the system.


Safety and compliance: EVEA Solutions can also support you in all phases of certification to ensure that designs comply with safety standards and regulations in force (machine/vehicle standards).


In summary, the electric motor alone represents a mechanical element in its own right with many facets such as motion transmission, speed reduction, electric braking and maintenance. So many elements requiring special attention during their design.

This combination of mechanics, electricity and electronics is essential for all modern applications, from electric vehicles to industrial machines.

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