Power switch relays
Power relay, 12V relay, battery isolators, coil contactors

Power switch relays 

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2,10 €
Set of 2 supports for relay SW200 SW180
1,77 €
Omega support for SW200 and SW180 relays
6,50 €
Not waterproof OMRON 24V 10A relay 1NO contact
7,40 €
Not waterproof OMRON 24V 10A relay 1RT contact
This module allow power line precharge after main contactor relay.Power supply: 8-18VDC Max relay coil current 3A Typical precharge time: 1-2 seconds Match with 12V coil relay Internal coil spike suppression diode Internal relay spark suppression Dimensions: 71x25x18mm Power line voltage 12VDC - 180VDC Precharge resistor 50Ohms
126,14 €
SU60 sealed relay 48V 100A
71,54 €
Power relay 12V with cover SW180-139 12V CO - 150A
71,54 €
Power relay 24V with cover SW180A-48 24V CO
136,47 €
Power relay 24V with cover SW200A-11 24V CO
136,47 €
Power relay 12V with cover SW200N-51 12V CO
355,24 €
Power relay for reversing 24V 200A SW202-2 24V CO
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